Do you find yourself overwhelmed every time you need to clean the house? Do your housekeeping tasks pile up until everything becomes an impossible mess? 

One of the best ways to keep a healthy home and reduce overwhelm is to make a list of what needs to be cleaned when. And to reduce long hours of scrubbing and dusting, you need to decide what you need to clean every day. 

If you’re having trouble determining what needs to be cleaned every day, our guide has you covered.

Keep reading to learn what to clean every day so that you can reduce your housekeeping overwhelm instantly.

Sweep the Kitchen Floor

Although you should vacuum your house at least once a week, you don’t want to wait until vacuuming day to clean up any crumbs that fall on your kitchen floor.

Having lots of crumbs on the floor can attract all sorts of pests to your home, such as mice and bugs. Plus, your feet or socks can stick to the crumbs and spread them to the rest of your house as you walk around.

When sweeping the kitchen floor, make sure you get a broom or dustpan that can reach the corners of your kitchen. 

If you don’t want to use a broom, you can get a handheld vacuum to get into all the nooks and crannies of your kitchen.

Wipe Down Bathroom Surfaces

Next, you want to make sure to wipe down all the surfaces in your bathroom. 

The bathroom surfaces you should wipe down include:

  • All countertops
  • Showers
  • Floors

Some people even like to squeegee the walls of their showers to prevent mold from growing.

To wipe down your bathroom surfaces, you likely won’t need to use a bleach-based cleaning product every time. Instead, you can use a natural cleaning spray or use diluted white vinegar.

The important thing is that you disinfect the surfaces while reducing the risk of harmful fumes.

Wipe Electronics

One of the most vital (but often overlooked) housekeeping jobs is to wipe down all your high-touch, frequently used electronics daily. 

Remember that whenever you hold up your cell phone to your face, all that bacteria from your hands gets transferred to your face and even your food.

Electronics to wipe down every day include all the ones you touch often, like your computer mouse or garage clicker. This also includes touch screen electronics like cell phones, tablets, and some laptops. 

If you have an air blower for your camera, you can use it to remove any crumbs or dust that are lodged in your keyboard. Then, you can use a microfiber cloth with a bit of alcohol on it to wipe down your keyboard.

You can use antiseptic alcohol wipes to clean up your cell phone. This is the best option as you don’t want any liquid from cleaning sprays to get into the crevices of your phone. 

Clean Dishes and Coffee Machine


According to Upwork, 22% of the American workforce will be working remotely by 2025. If you’re one of them, chances are you’ll have even more dishes than the average person.

One of the best tips for good housekeeping is to make sure you keep your kitchen sink empty of dishes as much as possible.

This step is even more important if you don’t have a dishwasher, as it will take time to dry your dishes on the rack before you have space for more.

And while you may not have time to wash dishes or put them in the dishwasher right after using them, carve out a chunk of time once a day to clean your dishes.

And whether you’re working from home or commuting, you need to clean your coffee machine if you use it every day.

To clean your coffee maker daily, wash it in dish soap and warm water like you would with your dishes. Of course, make sure to check if it’s dishwasher safe, but it’s safest to wash it by hand.

And once a month, you’ll need to do a deeper clean so that you can remove lime deposits and debris. You can do this by using your coffee maker’s built-in cleaning system or using a solution of half vinegar and half water.

Wipe and Sanitize Kitchen Surfaces

Once your dishes are clean, make sure to wipe down all your kitchen surfaces.

If you have a dishwasher, you’ll want to wipe down the front of it to make sure there’s no grease left over. This will reduce the chance of pests and keep your kitchen smelling clean. 

You’ll also want to rinse out your sponge so that it’s not accumulating food and bacteria. If the sponge is greasy or really dirty, put some dish soap on it and rinse it out until the water runs clear.

Remember that bacteria love wet areas, so make sure to wipe down your kitchen countertops when you’re done cooking or washing dishes.

You can also sanitize your countertops using a kitchen-safe cleaning spray or a white vinegar solution. Remember that even if you haven’t cooked that day, you still want to sanitize your countertops to prevent bacteria growth.

Finally, you want to wipe down your trash can. Liquid can easily come out of trash bags and cause your trash can to smell, so make sure to wipe and dry both the inside and the outside.

Use These Housekeeping Tips To Keep Your Home Sparkling

Housekeeping can be an activity to dread if you let it pile up until you can’t ignore it anymore.

When you stay on top of your house cleaning, the next time you search for “housekeepers near me,” you can get help with the most difficult chores instead of wasting time on the daily tasks.

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