Over the past 10 years, the cleaning industry has grown by 6.6% year upon year. As work and family cut into our time, even more, people are realizing the benefit of these services in giving us back our leisure time.

So how much does cleaning actually cost?

Luckily, house cleaning does not have to cost the earth and is more affordable than you may realize. Read on as we break down the price of house cleaning. 

Average Costs

The national average for house cleaning costs is between $40 and $65 an hour, per house, per cleaner. There are many factors that can change this price. 

Factors That Change the Price

There are a number of factors that can add to the quote you get from a house cleaning company. Some of the most important are listed below. 


The location of your home will play a big factor in your price. This is obvious, as some areas have lower costs of living than others. For example, a cleaner in rural Tennessee will not be charging the prices a central Manhattan cleaner would be. 

In addition, some cleaners may charge extra for travel time. If you live in a remote area, you may get an increase in price for this. 

Size of the Home

The floor space in your home, along with the number of bedrooms, will also play a huge part in the price. Bathrooms are also a good metric to use, as they require extra care and attention. Roughly, you can expect to add $7 to $10 per 100 square foot of floor space. 


It is unlikely that prices will rise just because you are a little messier than the average person. If you have small children or pets, some companies may take this into consideration. Pets in particular leave a certain type of mess from dander that can take lots of extra time to clean up. 

Choosing a Cleaner

When you choose a cleaner, you have three main types of company to choose from. These are individual housekeepers, a small, local house cleaning company, or large cleaning companies. Generally, they will ascend in price, with bigger, national companies being the most expensive. 

Individual housekeepers will cover all of the basic services for you, such as dusting, vacuuming, and general duties. This will be done at a lower price, but often at a cost. They may not be insured and bonded, meaning if accidents occur, you are legally responsible. 

They may also not have access to other equipment items for special services. Carpet cleaning and steaming, for example, could require a call to a professional company. 

At the other end of the scale are large companies. They will have access to all the services you need, though it will come with a higher price tag. You may not get the same cleaner every week, and it could seem like a revolving door of staff coming and going. 

A great middle ground is a local company. They will have all the documentation and services on offer, with a suitable price tag. 

Types of Clean

In addition to the factors above, there are also different types of clean you should consider. These are generally divided into a weekly basic clean and a deep clean:

Routine Cleaning

This is the general house tidy that you would expect. It may be a one-off if you are short on time or a monthly occurrence. It generally involves sweeping, mopping, wiping down counters, and such forth. 

When hiring a company, you should discuss what the basic clean involves beforehand. You may have an idea of what is included, but it may not be that way for the cleaner or company. Cleaning windows, for example, are a service that some may charge extra for while others may include. 

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning a house goes much further than a routine clean. It involves jobs that are only done once in a while. This could mean scrubbing tiles, ovens, and cookers, or wiping down baseboards. 

As this work takes more time, it costs more. However, the caveat is that you don’t need it done every week. 

Moving Clean

A moving clean is when you leave or move into a new property. It can be slightly different as although it needs a deep clean, there is often no furniture or items in the property. However, it does involve many jobs that can be the difference between getting a rental deposit back or not, so costs more. 

Additional Services

There may come a time when you want additional services added to a basic clean. These can often be arranged separately, so you don’t have to pay for them every time. They may include cleaning ovens, inside refrigerators, scrubbing tiles and baseboards, or doing laundry and ironing. 

House Cleaning Value

One way to look at the cost of clean is to compare it not by cost, but by how much time it buys you back. If you do not use a service, then the only other option is to do the job yourself. This takes up your time, which is valuable. 

If cleaning costs $150 for a three-hour job, is your time worth that amount? Perhaps you have work to do or will spend it with family. This is an alternate method of looking at the value of cleaning as a service. 

Hiring a Cleaning Service

Now you know the price, create a house cleaning checklist. Total up how much time the tasks will take, then decide if you would be willing to buy the time back with a cleaner. 

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