Are You Doing A Huge Remodel? Use This Guide For Cleaning Up After The Construction!

Imagine the day that comes when your remodel is finally done. Take pride in all the work that left your home looking gorgeous….at least somewhere underneath all that dust.

Before you get the chance to start enjoying all the wonderful renovations you did, you still have a bit of work to accomplish. Cleaning up after construction is tedious, but it’s also a crucial final step before you can truly relax.

The following are great pieces of advice you can use to make sure that your cleanup after the remodel happens smoothly and quickly – and avoid some common mistakes!

Use these post-construction cleaning ideas to relax sooner in your renovated home. Keep in mind though, that if you have any respiratory ailments or sensitive lungs, then you should wear a good mask while you go through the cleaning process. Even if you’re currently healthy, that can spare you the discomfort of breathing in chemicals and dust.

1) Open Up Your Windows:

Even if you finish the remodel in the dead of winter, open up all the windows you can. You need this airflow if you want to draw dust out, cut down on the weird scents of sawn wood and plaster dust, and minimize the unpleasant aromas of so many different cleaning products.

2) Sweep Next:

You might think you should dust off surfaces before doing any other cleaning, but you actually shouldn’t. Rather, start with sweeping your floors.

Sweeping typically makes dust settle on other surfaces. If you don’t sweep first, you might trap yourself in an eternal cycle of dusting, sweeping, and repeating everything, just trying in vain to keep the new dust clouds at bay.

3) Now You Can Dust Everything:

When we say dust everything, we actually mean every single thing. Bust out your fiber microfiber cloths and then wipe down everything that you can see or touch. Old rags aren’t going to get the job done, so you need to use dusting clothes appropriately designed to physically attract dust particles.

Remember that you need to also clean in between window ledges, shelving units, cupboards, the tops of your door frames, blinds, and all other surfaces. Start with one single corner of a room, preferably closest to the exit, and then you can work your way around back to that very same doorway.

4) Exit The Room:

Relax, and kick back for a few moments. You need to give dust particles in the air a chance to settle down once more.

If you need to clean other rooms, this is also a good time to give them their initial dusting and sweeping. If the remodel only happened in one space, then just relax for 30 minutes.

5) Bust Out The Vacuum:

Start by vacuuming your carpets and rugs, and then start paying attention to any nooks and crannies that your extra vacuum bells, whistles, and attachments can deal with.

Run your vacuum cleaner slowly when going over your carpets. You might be tempted to hoof it in order to finish working faster, but taking the slow approach means you’ll pick up all the dust. Missing a spot or not cleaning thoroughly enough can mean dust continuing to fluff up out of your carpet anytime that you or someone else walks on it.

6) Investigate Your Home’s Air Vents:

Air vents are typically forgotten when cleaning up after a remodel, and yet they’re magnetic for most dust.

Be sure you both dust and vacuum the interiors of your vents. Do the same for external grills. Do this to prevent your HVAC system from clogging, and also to keep dust from coming back into rooms you just cleaned up.

7) Wipe And Dry Hard Surfaces:

Wipe down all hard surfaces, such as kitchen counters, using disinfectant, so you can be sure that your home gets as clean as it possibly can.

Keep any mold problems or musty smells from happening in your freshly remodeled home by drying off any areas you clean. Let cupboards stay open so they have a chance to dry out so that you can avoid unpleasant damp smells in there as well.

8) Vacuum Once More:

When you think it’s all over, you need to run your vacuum over everything once again. There might still be a lot of dust in the air, and that settles down by now. A final cleaning can help reduce the odds of continuing dust problems.

Don’t Want To Clean? Let Professionals Do It For You!

If the thought of doing cleaning after your construction work is more than you can stand, or you’re just too tired from doing the remodeling, then enlist the assistance of an expert.

Post-remodeling cleaning services can be an effective means of keeping your home free of dust and pristine cleanliness. You can skip the hard work and have Scrub ‘N Bubbles Cleaning handle it for you.  Get a quote today.