If you live a busy life, you probably don’t want to face up to cleaning your home. The little spare time that you have free should be reserved for relaxation — not cleaning your home. If only the cleaning would just do itself!

But on the flip side of that, the last thing you want when you’re relaxing is to be surrounded by mess.

So, the question is how to keep your house clean without using up all of your spare time catching up on the housework?

Let’s talk about house cleaning tips. It’s definitely possible to have a clean house without eating into your

Stop Striving for Perfection

One of the hardest things to do is to give up on the idea that your home has to be immaculately clean at all times. It doesn’t. Everyone’s home gets messy from time to time, and if you live a busy lifestyle, you have to admit to yourself that it’s not easy keeping it clean.

Instead of aiming to make your home spotlessly clean, why not aim for ‘clean enough’?

If things get a bit messy occasionally, the trick is to be less hard on yourself, and you won’t feel so bad about a bit of mess.

Declutter Your Home

If your home looks cluttered a lot of the time, it makes it harder to keep clean and tidy. If you can rid yourself of as much clutter as possible, then you’ll make it much easier to clean your home.

Go through your home and find everything that you do not need anymore and get rid of it. You’ll be surprised at what you will find that you are willing to either sell, donate, or throw away.

Load the Dishwasher After Every Meal

Is washing up a chore that you absolutely hate? If it is, then you’re probably not alone. But here’s the secret to washing up- it’s easier if you do small amounts each day.

Even if you own a dishwasher, loading it can be a huge chore in itself, especially if you leave everything to mount up next to it and don’t empty it once the dishes are clean.

Once you have finished with your cooking pans and the plates you’ve eaten off, rinse them off and put them straight into the dishwasher. By doing this, you’ll save yourself a whole big job.

Break Down the Cleaning Tasks Over the Whole Week

Instead of doing all of your cleaning once a week and losing your spare time, break down your cleaning, and do it over the course of the week.

By spending just a few minutes each day doing a couple of small tasks, you’ll be able to get the whole house cleaned without feeling like you’ve spent all day on the task. Maybe get the kids involved in the house cleaning and make it a fun family activity!

Create a schedule. You might clean the bathroom on a Monday, vacuum on a Tuesday, and mop the floors on a Wednesday. If you break the jobs down, they’ll seem effortless.

Prioritize the Essential Tasks

If you have limited time to clean, it makes sense to focus your attention on cleaning the areas of your home that need it the most.

Take a step back and ask yourself which is the most important job in your home and focus all of your attention on that one thing.

The job that needs doing the most may be different each time. Some days it might be the vacuuming; on others, it could be the washing up. Sometimes it might just be sorting through a big pile of junk that might have accumulated on the table.

Set a Timer and Do a Power Clean

Breaking down your cleaning into small and manageable chunks is one of the best ways of making sure cleaning doesn’t feel like a mammoth task.

Why not set a ten or fifteen-minute timer each day and see how much cleaning you’re able to get done within that short window?

By setting a timer, you are putting a limit on what you will do, but you’re also setting yourself a target to see how much you can complete at that time. You may be surprised at how much you get done.

Share the Burden

If you share your home with your family, then it is only fair if everyone does their bit towards the weekly chores.

Make sure that you split all of the tasks up evenly between any members of your household that can help out with the cleaning.

You may choose to create a cleaning schedule that divides up all of the tasks and rotates them fairly. That way, the same person isn’t stuck cleaning the toilet week-after-week.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

Perhaps one of the best options for keeping your home clean if you’re struggling with the burden of your busy daily life is to hire a professional cleaner to do the job for you.

Even bringing a cleaner into your home for just an hour or two each week can make a huge difference in how clean it will be.

A professional cleaner will carry out all cleaning work to a very high standard leaving your home looking sparkling. If any areas require deep cleaning, this can also be done for you.

Now You Know How to Keep Your House Clean

Hopefully, now that you know how to keep your house clean when you have a hectic schedule, you’ll be able to put these home cleaning tips to good use.

If you do feel that cleaning your own home is too much for you, you can always hire the assistance of a professional cleaner.

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