In the US alone, 85 million homes have pets. 

That’s a lot of fur and feathers! Owning a dog is exciting because they become a part of your family. You enjoy petting them on the couch, throwing them treats, and walking them through the neighborhood. 

Unfortunately, while owning a dog is great, the duty comes with extra home cleaning. Cuddling up to your pup is comforting due to their warm fur, but that same fur also has a way of covering your entire house. 

We’re here to give you helpful, fur-proof cleaning tips. Keep reading because we know you love the dog and hate the hair. 

Regularly Groom Your Pup

One of the best spring cleaning tips doesn’t even including cleaning your home! It involves cleaning up your pup.

Many dogs tend to shed extra fur during the warmer months, starting in the spring. They no longer need the winter padding they grew for the chilly days. 

Keep a dog brush handy in your home. Take time every few days to give your dog a thorough brushing outside, paying close attention to any matted areas and knots. 

If you have a dog with thick hair, such as a long-haired Collie, take them to the professional groomers. They’ll be able to remove any loose hair before it falls out onto your floors. 

Buy Large Packs of Lint Rollers

Whether you have a dog or not, all guides of house cleaning tips should include advising you to buy large packs of lint rollers. They’re amazing for getting hair off couches, pillows, and lampshades. 

Does your dog enjoy lounging on your beautiful velvet couch and comfy bed comforter? It’s cute watching them nap, but it’s aggravating noticing the heaps of hair they leave behind. Use a lint roller to clean their nap spots.

Having a few lint rollers in the living room is also good when you must do some last-minute touch-ups before having guests. Roll the lint roller over your couch cushions a few times to gather fur clumps. 

Invest in a High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner

There’s an unwritten rule that owning a dog requires also owning a vacuum cleaner. Whether they’re shedding or bringing in grass and dirt, you’ll need to regularly clean your floors. 

Purchase a vacuum cleaner that is able to clean wooden and tile floors but can also suck up hair out of the thick carpet. Read reviews online from fellow pet owners to see how their vacuum cleaners are holding up on the job. 

Vacuum cleaners can be expensive so browse local thrift stores, Facebook Market, and eBay. You’ll be surprised at the high-quality cleaning items you can find for less. 

In addition to having a vacuum, purchase a broom and dustpan to keep in your home to use for quick, small clean-ups. They’re lifesavers in a busy home!

Schedule a Professional Cleaning

Sometimes it’s best to leave the cleaning hacks and tips up to the professionals. Hire a professional cleaning company once or twice a year to reach the spots you didn’t see. 

Because a professional cleaning service is a large financial investment for many families, only using a service at the beginning of spring is good enough. It’ll leave you with a clean slate that you can maintain with your own cleaning tools. 

Use Google to find a local cleaning service you can trust. Read the customer reviews, and explore the full list of their services. Inquire about their pricing, and ask if they’re running any special spring cleaning deals. 

You can also check Groupon and other coupon sites to see if you can find special cleaning service deals in your area. Don’t forget to chat with your friends about services they’ve used in the past. 

Buy Outdoor Rugs for the Indoors

Outdoor rugs tend to be much thinner and easier to clean than indoor rugs. Most indoor rugs are high-pile and fuzzy. They trap fur and leave your home with the smell of dogs. 

Browse outdoor rugs to place in your living room, kitchen, and hallway. Leave the cozy indoor rugs for your bedroom. 

As you clean during the week, take the outdoor rugs outside in the sun. Give them a good shake to get rid of hair and dust. Leave them in the fresh grass under the sun for a bit to get some fresh air. 

Create an Outdoor Area for Your Dog

Take advantage of the spring weather and any shade you have in your backyard. Create an outdoor play and lounging area for your dog to enjoy during the afternoon. 

Being outside allows them to exercise more and enjoy the sun while you enjoy having less fur to clean up during the day. Don’t forget to regularly check their water and food supply as they play. 

Find a large outdoor pillow to place under the shade so they can relax if they become tired. You can even create a special palette with wood and pillows if you want to spoil them. 

Many dogs also enjoy cheap, plastic kid pools you can buy at the store. Place a pool in the yard, fill it up with a few inches of water, and watch your pup play all day. Just make sure you have spare towels available to clean them off before they head inside. 

The Best Cleaning Tips for a Fur-less Home

If you’re a dog parent, you know the joys of being around your furry best friend. You also know the irritation with clumps of fur around the home. Use the above cleaning tips to battle the hair. 

Take your pup to the groomers for the day. While they’re getting cleaned up, hire a professional cleaning service to clean your home. Don’t forget to keep a vacuum cleaner and broom around to maintain the job. 

Are you in the Boise area and in need of a professional cleaning service? Look no further. Check out our site for a full list of our services, and contact us today.