Did you know you’re supposed to deep clean your bathroom every two weeks? That’s because these literal dumping grounds can quickly become overrun with bacteria from our daily preening habits.

And most likely you’re overdue for deep cleaning. So here’s how to deep clean a bathroom like a pro, so you know your home is germ-free.

Get Good Products

Good cleaning products make or break your bathroom cleaning project. You can get products that help break down grime, or you can give yourself a sore shoulder scrubbing away.

We prefer products that work with us.

But also consider the goals you have for your home. You may want a chemical-free environment, and that’s a good goal to have. Even still, you need products that are strong enough to kill all the germs you’re trying to get rid of.

So if you’re going to invest in eco-friendly effective cleaning supplies, do your research to get a brand that’s the best of both worlds.

And finally, get products you enjoy using. If you hate the feel of your cleaning cloths or you can’t stand the smell of a cleaner, you won’t want to use it, which will make you even less motivated to clean.

But if you love the way your bathroom smells after you use a special cleaner, that’s a nice reward for a job well done.

Remove Everything

When you’re deep cleaning a bathroom, it’s useful to get rid of anything unnecessary so you’re only left with hard surfaces. Clear off the countertop, put things away, and throw anything that’s cloth in the laundry.

Now’s also a good time to toss old razors and mostly empty soap bottles.

The less you have to clean around, the cleaner you can make your space. Fighting clutter is half the battle to keeping a clean bathroom, so use this time to toss anything you don’t need anymore.

Start With the Toilet

This is a bit counterintuitive to the clean from top to bottom rule, but your toilet is the heart of most of your bathroom germs. The average toilet seat has 295 bacteria per square inch.

If you save it for last, cleaning your toilet can shower the rest of your immaculate bathroom in a new round of germs.

So by getting it out of the way first, you can limit how many germs escape your cleaning.

Use a toilet bowl cleaner to scrub the inside. You may need a puma stone to get rid of toilet rings or water lines, but sometimes soaking the bowl with coco-cola (no joke) will clean any rings.

Don’t forget to wipe down each part of the toilet seat, and the grooves along the side where grime can collect.

Once your toilet is clean, you can close the lid and turn your attention to the rest of your bathroom.

Pro Tip: Vacuum First

Do you know what’s best at cleaning dust? Your vacuum. It’s the perfect tool to clean up loose dirt and hair before you get started on wiping down and sanitizing.

It can help your space feel cleaner longer too since you won’t have visible dust and hair gathering on your freshly wiped surfaces.

Use a Disinfectant to Wipe All Surfaces

Wipe down your door handles, light switches, countertops, sink, and handles, cabinet doors, shower floors, and anything else you might touch. Killing germs is a vital part of keeping a healthy, clean home.

Scrub the Shower and Tub

Time to deep clean the tub and shower. Use a good cleaner that will help you fight soap scum. And to make cleaning easier, make a habit of wiping down your shower walls every time you shower. This will help prevent soap buildup in the first place.

Wet your shower walls to highlight any mildew growth. Let your cleaner sit for 15 minutes, then scrub the mildew away.

If you have shower curtains, you can throw them in the washer with your towels. Otherwise, use a cleaner to clean glass shower doors.

Scrub the Floor

If your floor has hard stains, it may be time to break out the knee pads and a floor scrubbing brush. Otherwise, mopping should do the trick.

You can fill the bathroom with humidity to help break up some floor grime before you start mopping. Turn the shower on hot and closing all windows and vents until the room is steamy.

Make sure you use mop water with a disinfectant cleaner like bleach to properly sanitize your floor. When you’re done, make sure you open the door and windows to help your bathroom dry.

Make It Pretty and Reward Yourself

When you finish deep cleaning a bathroom, that’s a job well done. Good for you! It’s time to make it pretty.

Put back anything you usually like to keep out and style them in mason jars or a fancy dish. Hang up a fluffy bathrobe, or add some fresh cut flowers. If your cleaners don’t have a scent, consider spraying the room with something that smells pretty.

You worked hard for a clean bathroom, so take a second to enjoy it.

Now You Know How to Deep Clean a Bathroom

Learning how to deep clean a bathroom doesn’t have to be hard, and the more often you clean, the easier it’ll be each time.

These bathroom cleaning tips will help you keep an immaculate, clean home, without the struggle. To make it easier, make sure you have high-quality cleaning products that work with you, and break the room into smaller projects.

Remember, cleaning is about sanitizing, clearing clutter, and removing visible grime. Once you’ve done all three steps, you’ve got a nice clean bathroom!

Struggling with your deep cleaning projects? We can help! You can request a free quote today!