On average, each of us spends about six hours a week cleaning our homes. From dusting to vacuuming to mopping, there are a variety of tasks that need to be completed before we feel like our homes are spotless.

And while cleaning can be a time-consuming task, there are several steps you can take to make it easier on yourself and your household. Here are eight tips for having a clean and healthy home.

1. Regular Cleaning Is the Key to a Healthy Home

When your schedule is jam-packed with things to do, it can be hard to remember to fit in cleaning your house. But planning ahead and establishing a routine can take the guesswork out of it.

Spreading cleaning out throughout the week can make it more manageable and break a seemingly overwhelming task into easier chunks. Plus, once you have a routine, you’ll get into a rhythm and move more quickly through each task.

Regularly cleaning also means you’ll have less to do each time. The smaller the mess, the quicker your chore will be — instead of spending hours deep-cleaning your bathroom, you can do a quick touch up.

2. Prioritize Your Tasks

When you start cleaning, it’s important to prioritize what you want to get done — and you don’t have to fit everything into one day. Try starting with larger, more important tasks like mopping or vacuuming.

You’ll also want to prioritize certain rooms that get the most use. It’s important to keep your kitchen clean and safe by regularly wiping down counters, washing dish towels, and cleaning sponges.

By focusing your time on what matters most to you, then you’ll feel happier in your home.

3. Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

Things like vacuuming the living room and wiping down the counters can seem like obvious additions to your to-do list while cleaning. But don’t forget to notice the little things.

One way to stay healthy at home is to regularly clean high-touch objects like the doorknob and door handles. These tiny things sometimes get overlooked in favor of larger objects, but they’re just as important.

4. Do Maintenance Around the House

There are plenty of things you can do to be proactive about keeping your house clean. That means regularly changing your heating and air filters to promote airflow and prevent things like mites and allergens.

Don’t forget to repair any water leaks in places like your roof, windows, or showers. Failing to do this in a timely manner can create problems with mold and mildew.

5. Buy—and Use—the Right Products

Cleaning products aren’t always one size fits all. When you’re doing a deep clean and going through all the rooms in your house, you’ll want a variety of products that are intended for different uses.

If you have a real hardwood floor, make sure the cleaning product you’re using won’t damage them. Microfiber cloths can be better than paper towels for picking up dust and dirt, and they’re reusable.

Oven cleaner is a great item to have on hand, and there are even home remedies to clean an oven that you can try. If you have stainless steel appliances, you’ll also want a cleaner that’s specifically intended for stainless steel.

This doesn’t just go for cleaning products. Buying the right vacuum cleaner can help you keep your home dust-free. The best vacuums easy to maneuver and pick up as much dust as possible.

Choosing the right product can be especially important if you have a pet and are dealing with shedding.

6. Be Safe While Cleaning

Although it can be tempting to try to rush through cleaning tasks as quickly as possible, it’s important to take the time to do them safely.

When handling harsher chemicals, always remember to wear rubber gloves and avoid touching your eyes and face. Don’t forget to read cleaning instructions before using any products, and never mix chemicals together — especially not bleach and ammonia.

Another tip for safe cleaning is to keep windows open and ventilate areas before you clean. This ensures you have enough fresh air while cleaning.

Also, if you have children or pets, be sure to secure potentially harmful and flammable cleaning supplies. You’ll want to keep them in a hard-to-reach place or use a lock.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Declutter

Over time, our possessions stack up and fill our homes. And while knickknacks can be welcoming and homey, they can also add to how much time you have to spend cleaning.

By regularly donating or re-selling unwanted and unused items, you can eliminate places for dust to collect. This will help you save time cleaning, make dusting less of a time-consuming process, and put you on the path to a healthy home.

8. Call in the Professionals

A clean home is a happy home, and sometimes you need a little extra help to keep your house spick and span. If you’re busy with work, children, or other obligations, hiring a professional cleaning service can be a smart idea.

These services can help you when you’re in need of a deep clean — all the places you typically avoid will now be spotless. Hiring help can also be a good idea if you’re moving out of a place you’re renting.

Apartments can charge additional fees if you leave your unit in bad shape, so hiring a cleaning service can keep them from stacking up.

And while vacuuming rugs and carpet is a great step toward having a clean house, sometimes it can be useful to call a carpet cleaning service. These services can help remove dirt and bacteria in your carpet and extend its lifespan.

And by getting rid of dust and allergens, a carpet cleaning service can help you have a healthy home with a cleaner environment.

Keep Your Home Clean

Cleaning can be a chore you dread, but by following these eight tips, you can be on your way to a healthy home without much hassle. Try making a schedule and sticking to it, and don’t be afraid to call in a little extra help.

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