The winter is over, the sun is shining, and the plants and animals are finally coming out of hiding. You know what that means.

Spring is here and it’s time to get your spring cleaning session started.

Did you get a bit too lax about your cleaning during the winter? Don’t worry, we’ve been there. It’s hard to keep up with all of those cleaning tasks when it’s cold and dreary outside. 

Now it’s time to refresh your home and check everything off of your spring cleaning checklist. 

Not sure where to get started? Coming out of your deep-cleaning hiatus is stressful. Where do you even begin? We’re here to help with some house cleaning tips and a spring cleaning list that can start you off.

Keep reading to learn more. 

Declutter First

Before you start the actual cleaning process, you should declutter. How much “stuff” have you accumulated over the long winter? 

Between holidays, standard shopping, and the lack of drive to throw things away, it’s possible that you now have an overabundance of things. They’re making your home look messy. 

Go one room at a time and focus on specific areas. Some people have “the invisible corner,” a corner that’s been cluttered for so long that you’ve gone blind to it. 

When seasons change, it’s a good idea to take your decluttering efforts to the closets, first. You’ve likely discovered that you have seasonal clothing that you no longer wear. It’s time to get rid of it. 

Anything that you’ve already replaced or anything that’s old and worn can go. Don’t hang onto things just because you’re used to having them. 

Try the box method. Grab several boxes and label each one with “keep,” “give away,” “fix or repurpose,” and “throw out.” This makes it easy for you to organize. 

Find All Rogue Laundry

Is there laundry hanging around somewhere that it shouldn’t be? Are there socks in the shoe rack? Is there a sweater draped over the back of a dining room chair?

We’ve all been there. Before you start cleaning, make sure that all of your laundry is clean and put away. This includes the laundry that you haven’t folded from the hamper from your last wash.  

There are very few things more distracting than coming across a sock while you’re trying to vacuum under the couch. 

Start With Surfaces

Once you’ve gotten rid of anything that could get in your way, start cleaning the obvious surfaces. You want to clean things like counters, cabinets, tables, and anything else that people often touch.

You’re cleaning the surfaces before the floors, so you don’t have to clean the floors twice if crumbs or other debris fall down. 

When it comes to cleaning, some people find it helpful to do the entire house at once. Others prefer sticking with a single room. Work in a rotation for the most efficient results.

For example, if you’re working on the bathroom, you can wipe down the toilet and fill the bowl with cleaner. While that sits, you can spray down the tub and put a deep cleaner on any hard water stains or grime. Then you move onto the sink.

By the time you’re done with the sink, you can return to the toilet and the tub. There’s less waiting involved this way.

Disinfecting Time 

After you clean, take some time to disinfect. More and more people have discovered how important disinfecting surfaces can be over the past year.

You don’t have to disinfect everything, but focus on things that people touch every day. These include doorknobs, appliances, faucets, and toys if you have small children. 

The Dreaded Refrigerator 

This is the one cleaning project that many people avoid. The refrigerator. If you don’t routinely clean out the fridge, it becomes a huge problem when it’s time to do your spring cleaning. 

If you haven’t done it in a while, clear out the entire refrigerator. Check all expiration dates and throw out everything that’s no longer good. If you have any mysterious Tupperware foods that you can’t remember, throw them out. 

Wipe down all of the shelves in your fridge and don’t forget the doors and fresh drawers. 

Take this time to develop an organizational method for the refrigerator if you don’t yet have one. It’s a good idea to label each leftover item with a date, so you know right away when something needs to leave the fridge. 

Don’t Neglect Your Floors

When everything else is clean, conquer the floors. 

If it’s time for a deep cleaning session, consider renting a steam cleaner if you don’t have one. You’ll be shocked at how much grime can hide in even the most well-vacuumed carpet. 

Take this time to move the furniture so you can clean underneath. 

Vacuum, sweep, and mop all of your linoleum or tile floors and wipe down your hardwood floors. Make sure that you don’t trap yourself in the room when you’re mopping!

Maintaining a Clean Home

Once the home is clean, make an effort to keep it that way. This makes it so you have an entire year before your next deep-cleaning session. 

You should develop a regular cleaning routine. Cleaning a house every day, even if it’s only a small amount, can make it so your home never reaches a point where it looks dirty. 

When it comes to staying organized and avoiding clutter, make sure that everything you own has a “place.” If you bring something into the home, get rid of the thing that it’s replacing. If something doesn’t have a place, find a way to make one that doesn’t ruin your tidy home. 

Start Working On Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Use this spring cleaning checklist to get your cleaning session started. These house cleaning tips should make cleaning a breeze, so you can get back to enjoying the good weather. 

We know that it seems overwhelming, but consider how great it will feel when you’re done! 

If this all seems like too much, why not hire us to help? Our professionals at Scrub n Bubbles can take care of that deep cleaning session for you so you have a clean slate. Contact us and get a quote today!