There are around 120,000 germs in your bathtub. Your toilet seat, floor, and sink aren’t doing much better in the bacteria department. 

While you can’t stop germs in their entirety, you can cut down on the number of them in your bathroom with regular cleaning. That can be a bit easier said than done. 

There’s almost no substance alive that’s more stubborn than grout, but there are tricks that will help you deal with it. In fact, with a few simple hacks, you’ll learn how to clean the bathroom like a pro. Grab your scrubbers and check out this guide to get started. 

Cut Through Grime With Vinegar 

When you ask your grandma what the secret to a clean bathroom is, she will probably say vinegar. It’s an old cleaning hack that’s still around because it works

Grab the white vinegar out of your pantry and heat it up in your microwave. Spray it on the problem area in your bathroom and wipe the dirt away. 

As an important side note, if you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can add a few drops of your favorite dish soap to it. It will cut down on the odor and it does wonders for fighting grime. 

Do a Little Pre-Cleaning 

One of the best cleaning tips you should take to heart is to work smarter, not harder. That means doing a little bit of pre-cleaning. 

If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your shower, spray it down with a cleaning solution and let it sit. While the solution does its job, start cleaning other areas in your bathroom. 

Stop odors before they happen by pouring baking soda down your toilet once a week. 

Clear the Area 

Most bathrooms are the smallest rooms in the house. It can be difficult to hit every area unless you give yourself a little space. 

Throw away any empty shampoo bottles and put your full ones somewhere else for the time being. Throw your rug outside the room and toss your used towels in the hamper. Now you should have plenty of room to get things done! 

Baking Soda Is Your Friend

Vinegar isn’t the only item in your pantry that you can clean with. Baking soda is great for neutralizing odors. You can also use it to get rid of mold stains. 

Create a paste using baking soda and water. Spread it on the mold stains and let it sit for up to four hours. Rinse the paste away and enjoy your new clean shower. 

Hot Water and Bleach Don’t Mix

When it comes to clearing up stubborn stains, most people reach for bleach. No matter if you dilute it or pour it right on the surface you’re cleaning, it works for almost anything. 

Well, it works unless you pair it with warm water. 

Heat destroys the active ingredients in the bleach, making it useless for your cleaning needs. Be sure to use cold water instead. 

Find a Good All-Purpose Cleaner

Cleaning takes a lot longer when you’re switching back and forth between products. You’re much better off choosing one universal cleaner and using it for every surface in your bathroom. 

For a clean toilet, drop a fizzy tablet into it. While it dissolves, scrub the rest of your bathroom with Lysol wipes or Clorox. 

Use Dental Floss for Small Crevices 

There are small crevices on your sink that even the tiniest scrub brush can’t reach. They still need a thorough cleaning, however. 

Reach into your medicine cabinet and grab your dental floss. It works for your teeth, and it works for picking out stubborn sink buildup. 

Take Care of Your Smelly Trash Can 

One of the largest sources of bad odors in your bathroom isn’t the toilet. It’s the garbage can. 

Empty the trash and sprinkle the bottom of the can with baking soda. Let it sit for a few minutes before spraying it with disinfectant and wiping it clean. 

If there’s still some residue sitting at the bottom of the garbage, place it in your shower and spray it down. 

Cleaning Your Mirror

Your mirror sees a lot of action. You stare into it as you put on your makeup and brush your teeth every morning. The problem with cleaning splattered toothpaste off the mirror is the streaks you leave behind. 

If you want to avoid those, grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth. Wipe down the mirror with the rubbing alcohol and go behind it with warm water or glass cleaner. 

When you’re wiping, avoid going in a circular motion. Go from top to bottom instead. 

If there are a few smudges on the mirror when you’re done, you can remove them with a paper towel and vinegar. 

Remove Water Spots 

Water spots are unsightly, but unavoidable in areas of the bathroom where water always runs. The good news is that it’s not too hard to get rid of them. 

Cut a lemon in half and run it over the water stains. You should see a noticeable difference in a matter of seconds. 

How to Clean the Bathroom from Top to Bottom 

Your bathroom is the place in your home that gathers the most germs. While you can’t stop them in their entirety, you can cut back on them with regular cleanings. 

Learning how to clean the bathroom from top to bottom is a matter of working smarter, not harder. Do some pre-cleaning, use common household items to get rid of water spots and grout, and don’t forget that hot water and bleach don’t mix. 

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